$ 477.00…….2019/2020 N.F.L FOOTBALL SEASON,
(please read before clicking)
AFTER YOU CLICK PURCHASE above ON THE TOP LEFT of the link your taken to, select “Package Information” select the empty box and a drop down will appear select $ 477.00…….2019/2020 N.F.L FOOTBALL SEASON, PARLAYS INCLUDED.

(Usually Our SEASON Packages Are $1299 we Are Offering The Whole Season For Only $ 477.00)

This SEASON Package Includes PRO Football Plays Which Is A Mix Of Both Straight Bets And Parlays. Plays Are Emailed or text 1-2 Hours Prior To Tip Off. We Have to Wait for Last Minute Lineups, Injury Reports, And Line Movements.

Its A Very Simple Process, I Email or text You the Plays You Place the Bets and Keep All the Profits. I Don’t Take A Percentage Back Like Others.

It Does Not Matter If You Live Out Of State Or Out Of The Country As The Majority Of My Players Are. Google Online Sports Books. Bookmaker And 5 Dimes Seem To Be The Best As Most Of My Players Use Them. However, Use A Site You Feel Comfortable With.
Please note the majority of winners have converted to this Season Package.


This opportunity is for people that want to treat this as a business opportunity not a hobby.

Don’t be discouraged if we lose 2 it may happen. However, I have not had two losing weeks all year. Which means that if you can manage your money properly and play the same amount on each. Only the individuals that chase their losses and double up on their wagers will not succeed. So plan for losses, plan for 2-3 losses so when it does not happen you will be happy. I’m extremely confident we will continue to cash and make profits every week. My goal is to not have one losing week all year. In the past the biggest mistake I have seen in the last 15 years with my players is that if I lose a few games in a row they quit. You need to understand this is a business and it’s a marathon and not a sprint. This is not a get rich quick scheme.